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Proud Dealers for MKS, JR Americas

SWB, HRP, J&J Tailwheels, Desert Aircraft, Falcon Product

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HV777 Aluminum upper Casing (0.1 sec/60° - 38.00 (520 oz/in) @8.2V)

All New 35% "HyperLITE" Kit  is  Now Available To Order.
Motor 70cc -Weight 19lbs - 105" WS




35% "Viper-ST" Kit
Designed by Terry Wiles manufactured by Fibertech N More
Link To Visit Viper-ST Build Thread On GSN
In Production
42% HyperLITE Slick 540 Kit
HyperLITE weight 27-30lbs
Motor 100cc not a 150cc or 170cc but 100cc
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42% HyperLITE 27.5lbs DA100
Use Links below for build thread of the new HyperLITE Slick 


 Most up to date thread is



50-60cc Super Chipmunk "Not Offered At This Time"



How To Vacuum Bag Thread On GSN




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WH-24 Fiberglass Parts
WH- 2C Vacuum Form Parts


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Please Read Shipping and Return Policy Before Placing Your OrderThanks In Advance From Rick and Brenda

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Terry's Maiden Flight of his HyperLITE Slick Edge 540 100cc 42% 





Brad Egen from Canada with his HyperLITE Slick Edge 540 100cc 42% 





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